John Avila plays great music, keeps the volume appropriate, is reliable, and looks sharp.  As a professional, conservatory trained musician, I will do everything necessary to make your musical entertainment experience enjoyable, easy, and carefree.  I can vary the amount of performers according to your taste, budget, and space requirements.

The John Avila Trio features guitar/vocal, bass, and drums.  We play classic Jazz, Jazz/Rock, Blues, and more.  We play music made famous by great composers and singers - all songs you and your guests will know and love hearing.  Our trio provides a lot of music in a small ensemble.

And we can easily add other instruments, a keyboard or a vocalist, if that is your desire, to form a larger sounding ensemble, The John Avila Group.

For more intimate settings, you may prefer the The John Avila Duo, guitar/vocal and bass.  I play in this small configuration for WDCB's Jazz Thursdays and at many other fine establishments and parties.  The Duo provides a great sound when space is limited and/or max-economy is important.

Whatever ensemble you prefer, my repertoire is familiar and fun for all audiences - ideal for restaurants, nightclubs, wine bars, as well as private parties, wedding reception cocktail or dinner hours, and corporate events. 

Live music will enhance any occasion!  It will make your event memorable and unique in a way that recorded music cannot.  Wed love to play for you.  Please contact me to discuss your musical needs.  Thank you.





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Phone:  630-620-6234