Marching Band Lyres

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Marching Band Flip-Folio
Brass plated except as noted.
Trumpet Lyre – Straight, with a 4" stem, brass plated.
9-11100  Trumpet, Straight....List $4.10  Valiant $3.25

Trumpet Lyre – Bent, with a 4” stem with one, ¾” bend towards the trumpet bell.  Brass plated.
9-11101  Trumpet, Bent…List $4.25  Valiant $3.40

Trumpet Lyre – Clamp style.  This ever-popular, clamp-on trumpet lyre is nickel plated.
9-11102  Trumpet, Clamp-on...List $9.90  Valiant $7.90

Baritone/Sousaphone Lyre – Brass plated, features a six inch straight, .144” square stem.
9-11112  Baritone....List $4.50  Valiant $3.55

Tuba/Sousaphone Lyre - Extra-long Shank Lyre, this 9", straight, .144”" square stem lyre can be used on some tubas and sousaphones.  Brass plated.
9-11136  Tuba/Sousaphone….List $4.75  Valiant $3.80

Trombone Lyre - One piece, brass plated, the tenor trombone lyre has a 9/16" ID receiver ring. The bass trombone lyre features an 11/16" ID receiver ring.
9-11111  Tenor, 1-pc......... .............List $7.65  Valiant $6.10
9-11176  Bass, 1-pc (not pictured)   List $9.30  Valiant $7.40

Trombone Lyre – Two piece, featuring a length-adjustable lyre head, this tenor trombone lyre has a 9/16" ID receiver ring and is brass plated.  The bass trombone lyre has an 11/16" ID receiver ring and is nickel plated.
9-11114  Tenor, 2-pc.. ..List $8.90  Valiant $7.10
9-11179  Bass, 2-pc....List $10.30  Valiant $8.20


Nickel plated except as noted.
Clarinet Lyre - Bb clarinet lyre with the middle joint tenon ring included.
9-11106  Clarinet….List $6.60  Valiant $5.20

Flute Lyre - Clamp style, featuring a vinyl-coated clamp to avoid scratching your instrument, this fully adjustable flute lyre is nickel plated for durability.
9-11113  Flute Clamp-on….List $12.30  Valiant $9.75


Flute Lyre – Wrist style featuring a fully adjustable, leather wrist strap with a nickel plated lyre.
9-11110  Flute Wrist Lyre....List $13.80  Valiant $11.05

Saxophone Lyre – Brass plated, will fit alto/tenor saxophones and features a .144" square stem.
9-11117  Saxophone....List $4.55  Valiant $3.60


Marching Snare Drum Lyre - designed for front carried drums.  Attaches on any snare drum tension screw with a reinforced aluminum flange.  Made of ABS plastic.  Spring loaded wind clip holds windows for easy flipping.  Comes with 5 clear plastic windows and 2 plastic rings.
9-11140  Marching Snare....List $13.50  Valiant $10.80
Marching Bass Drum Lyre – easily attaches to right, top side of bass drum.  Made of ABS plastic.  Spring loaded wind clip holds windows for easy flipping.  With 5 clear plastic windows and 2 plastic rings.
9-11145  Marching Bass.....List $16.50  Valiant $13.20

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